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How to use COENX Platform

Oct 21, 2019

Coenx is a platform where we made it possible for 2 markets which are advertising and trading in crypto to coexist.  Also a place for crypto rewards. 

So what you can do at Coenx platform.

You as a user can click some ads and generate coenx, if you are an advertiser you can use the platform to promote your product or services to a real verified audience, if you are a crypto trader then you can trade your top cryptos at the lowest fee. 

Advertisers can buy coenx from the exchange and start placing their ads on our platform at the best price, We have paired Coenx with BTC and USDT (Tether). So you can deposit BTC or USDT and buy Advertising in Coenx. So advertisers are directly purchasing from users here. 

If the advertiser purchase in USDT then we will convert that into coenx by purchasing from the exchange and burn those tokens every often (Buyback). 

A trader can trade at 0.03% per trade which is the least fee possible, and the fee collected from that then goes into buyback of Coenx tokens from the exchange. And we have a  small withdrawal fee which is also the lowest when you compared to other crypto exchanges. We use that fee to buyback token from the exchange.

All this buying will keep Coenx supply very low and Users viewing can convert their coenx into btc or usdt.

and for users, in general, read this with ease

Coenx is an erc20 standard token with a max supply of 96M. You as a user viewing ad generate tokens into the system. So no tokens are available without viewing ads.  And we capped the daily limit at 10250 coenx per day to be generated in the form of POV. 

Let's say that we can give users 1 coenx per 1 ad view, but we have only 10250 coenx to be distributed to users. That won't be feasible for the long term and the ecosystem will take the price to mill cents which happen with most cryptos. So we took serious calculations on giving rewards. That's why you are generating coenx at that value in your back office.  

Example: What if we give 0.001 BTC when it is the price of BTC  is 10000 $, you would consider that as the best offer, Right? And what if we give the same 0.001 BTC when the price is 100$. That would make a big difference right.

The same way gives 1 coenx with no value in the long term or gives a limited coenx with the best price is what we do.  If you are a crypto person you will understand the value of a token with the present supply we have. 

So what is in for users, 

You can generate a referral commission on most of our services, let's say for advertising sales you will get 10% instant crypto. Refer a crypto trader, you will generate 10% of the fee from every trade they make. POV Credits sales get you 10% in referral commission. 

The most important one is the ads your referrals view will generate you 10% of click commissions every day.  More referrals more click more commission. Start Promoting Now. 


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