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Advertising on Coenx Platform

Oct 25, 2019

Online advertising is a billion-dollar industry and crypto advertising is taking new forms to conquer that market. We as coenx take the first step to be apart of that new crypto advertising market. 


Coenx has a unique reward per view option where the advertiser budget directly goes into the ad viewer's pocket as a reward. We made that reward in the form of a token called coenx. This ensures the transparent nature of rewarding users. 


Why show your ads to someone who is not interested, so we made it possible to have a user base who are interested in online marketing, crypto marketing, and various products that requires user attention. 


With the least possible budget, you can reach out to many users. We have 2 types of advertising available as of now.


  1. POV Ads, where your ad is seen by users for 15 seconds to 30 seconds. We made ad viewing limited to users so that they will focus on the few ads which they watch per day. Showing 1000 of ads per day might not influence on every ad they see. Keeping that in mind we allow users to view only 10 ads a day. Which will keep users' attention span and show interest to your ad.
  2. Banner ads, You can place your banner ads and we place them at possible strategic positions on our website and app. Not to bombard users with 1000 banners at a time, we made it very precise to make the user look at your banner. 

We did our part to give you as an advertiser a safe place to place your ad and showcase your product.


Creating a campaign is as simple as 1 2 3 go... You won't find any difficulty placing your ads. It is as simple as that. 


Buying advertising with us is made safe and secure, we have 2 buying options, You can buy coenx from our internal exchange from our users and place your ad. Or you can simply add USDT-erc20 and place your ad. We made USDT for purchase to safeguard from users and advertiser from BTC price fluctuations. 


Get started with Coenx Advertising Now.


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