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Get started with Coenx Proof of View The most easiest way to earn crypto.

View Ads

Simply view ads to get rewarded. It's completely free to get started. The system that lets your time pay.

Referral Commission

Get 10% on user rewards, advertising purchased and the exchange fee. A solid downline is all you need.


Advertise your product/service to thousands of unique online users who are interested to be a part of the experience.

Utility Token

Coenx is developed to be used inside the ecosystem as a reward as well as exchange token making it a utility token.

Hybrid Platform

We made one simple platform to benefit the average user for trading and save advertisers from spending a huge budget.


We made the most secure and lowest fee crypto exchange ever build. To fuel this we added the reward system.

For Crypto Trader and Online Advertisers

COENX is a hybrid crypto platform with a crypto exchange and an advertising platform mixed with a user-friendly reward system. The standard fee across the crypto exchange industry is 0.10 percent per trade. We make it more affordable for any crypto trader by making the lowest fee of 0.03 percent which can be made free of cost by staking coenx tokens. When it comes to online advertising for a crypto startup or a digital product, we created a simple way to market your product to a real audience how are interested in your product.

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